Hiring Student Employees

If you are responsible for hiring student employees (both Federal Work Study and non-work study student employees) in your department, please be reminded of the following:

You must complete the current Class 5 (Student Employment) Information Form in its entirety and send to Ciera Bowen, HR Staff Associate in the Camden HR Office (cb1229@rutgers.edu). Ciera will verify if your student employee needs to complete the I-9 process, which is a requirement for all Rutgers University employees.

It is recommended to send the Class 5 (Student Employment) Information Form to Camden HR at least two weeks prior to the expected start date of employment for the student. This lead time allows for the completion of the I-9, coordination of Camden Human Resources with the Office of Financial Aid for confirmation on students that are eligible for work-study benefits, and processing in the time and labor systems (and where necessary access updates to time and labor systems for new managers).

If your student employee does need to complete the I-9, Camden HR will reach out directly to the student employee with instructions for scheduling an appointment in the Camden HR Office. This email communication will also provide the student employee with further information about the I-9 as well as the list of required/acceptable original documentation that the student employee must provide.

It is important to note, that regardless of the anticipated start date for your student employee, they cannot begin working until they have completed the I-9.

Please do not send student employees to the Camden HR Office that have not yet scheduled an appointment. Students may arrive at Camden HR without the proper documentation or at a time when there is no availabilty to complete the process.

Questions can be referred directly to Ciera Bowen or hr.camden@rutgers.edu.

For information and instructions for posting a position for which you'd like to consider a student employee, please contact the Rutgers University–Camden Career Center (careercenter@camden.rutgers.edu).