Employment Verification

Employment status and salary verification is an important step in confirming an employee’s eligibility for certain home and automotive loans, personal credit, social services financial assistance and establishing an employee’s salary history for the purposes of new employment, among other applications.

At Rutgers University, we use a third-party vendor, uConfirm, to verify non-HCPRREA employment status and salary history for our employees. uConfirm is a leading national provider of employment verification solutions and employees should refer any third-parties to use the uConfirm process.

In order for third-party vendors to receive verification of a Rutgers employee’s non-HCPRREA salary history and employment status verifies should:

  • Visit the Experian Verify website. Verifiers will be asked to register with the Experian Verify system and create a new account before they can proceed
  • Experian Verify’s Customer Support Center can be found at (404) 382-5400, Option 2.

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